top of page is an App that helps users keep track of their favorite things in one place. Whether it's a restaurant, a movie, or a book, this app allows you to easily write and save your own reviews and share them with friends. The inspiration for this app came from a desire to provide a solution that makes it easier for people to store and access their photos and memories. After brainstorming and defining the core features of the app, my co-founder and I used wireframes and prototypes to test the app's user interface. Once we had a solid design in place, we built the App with Flutter and made several revisions before testing and launching. Overall, this app was a fun and challenging project, allowing me to have a lot of creative freedom and use my problem-solving skills to create something new and exciting!

Co-founder & Designer

Designed Ads for Food52

Designed Ads & GIFs for

Designed Ads & GIFs for Camp

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